We provide support and encouragement to persons and families with disabilities, terminal illnesses or vast differences by advocating for inclusivity to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. Happy Soul Project Non-Profit Organization is about inspiring change, celebrating differences & helping others. We do all this in 4 ways.


We give kids fighting cancer, dealing with terminal illnesses or accepting a vast difference in their life a personalized Superhero cape. We’ve given over 5,000 Kick-It-Capes worldwide & have worked with Ronald McDonald Houses, hospitals & other organizations to help give kids a boost of strength & hope. We also hold Sewing Bees in order to keep up with the demand of Kick-It-Capes needed. Kick-It-Capes all started when my best friend’s little boy Maiysn got cancer, and from one little boy & one little cape, it has soared creating his legacy.

Change Makers

We are inspired by those who inspire change. We share stories of others who are making a difference in this world & then reward them with a Be Awesome Today sign made by artist with special needs. We in turn create meaningful work for these artist while showcasing how others are inspiring change.

#DifferentIsBeautiful Campaign

We give school talks, meet with doctors & medical students, challenge society’s perceptions of having a difference or a disability. We truly believe “What Makes You Different Is What Makes You Beautiful.”

Awesome Eh Acts

We inspire thousands of people to do acts of kindness once a month, hoping to leave others left with nothing left to say, except “Awesome Eh.”

That’s What We Do.

Now wanna know what you can do to help?

Nominate a child in need for a Kick-It-Cape & pay it forward to another child.

Share a story about how someone is helping to change the world.


Purchase a ‘Be Awesome Today’ sign to be given to a Change Maker & in turn support meaningful work for artists with special needs.

Donate to the cause.

Thank you for helping us change the world a wee bit.
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